This blog Mysteries Of My Ancestors is Dedicated to My Grandparents Mr. Roy Lee Oliver Sr and Mrs. Hazel Williams Oliver and their family.


My name is Lanita Oliver, I have always been interested in learning about my family history. I started my journey sometime in the year 2000 to learn about my family, and to do all that I can do to preserve our history for future generations as well as inspire generations before and after me to invest in the stories of their ancestors!

During my journey, I came across some missing bits and pieces which had me at a standstill so I decided to take a break in 2008. During this time my, Ancestors were calling me to continue the work that was put in front of me. Despite some of the challenges I have faced researching my Ancestors in the past, I decided in Aug of 2012 to regroup and continue my journey to find the “Mysteries Of My Ancestors”. I’m certain there will be many road blocks in the future, but there will also be much progress in obtaining information. I am hopeful to learn more about the “Mysteries Of My Ancestors” and open the book to “The Adventures Of My Ancestors”.