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I am a member of the African-American Genealogy and Slave Ancestry Research (AAGSAR).  The members of this group will be working on solving at least one ancestor challenge by Spring 2014.  So the next few months of writing will be about my journey of finding the parents of my 2nd Great Grandmother Florence Monroe.

To find the parents of Florence Monroe my maternal 2nd Great Grandmother.

Challenge:  Finding  the Parents of Florence Monroe my maternal 2nd Great Grandmother.

Goal: Discover the names and locations of where her parents were born.

Ancestor:   Florence Monroe

Other(s): Wesley Williams and James (Jim) Moore


  1. Mississippi: Franklin County
  2. Arkansas: Desha, Monroe and Phillips County

Years: 1890-1964/1965

Summary: According to information I received from my grandmother Hazel Williams Oliver before she passed that her grandmother Florence Monroe was Cherokee Indian. This information was also told by other elder family members. Florence (b) abt 1890 had a daughter with Wesley Williams (b) abt 1883 in MS named Minnie Irva Williams my Great Grandmother (b) June 30, 1910 in Meadville, Franklin Co, MS. Sometime after Minnie was born Wesley was accused of killing a man and left Meadville and moved to McGehee, Desha Co, AR. Not soon after Wesley leaving he sent for Florence and Minnie. Not sure as to when Florence and Wesley went separete ways. Wesley married Mamie who is full blooded Cherokee Indian and had children then moved to Kansas City, MO. Florence later married James (Jim) Moore (b) abt 1878 and moved to Helena, Phillips Co, AR. Florence and James (Jim) had children Minnie Estell, Frances Byrd, and Curley Pearl.


  1. Who are Florence parents? Marshall Monroe and Lillie Cameron
  2. When and Where was Florence born? February 21, 1890 in Mississippi
  3. When and Where did her parents die? Franklin County, Mississippi
  4. Did Florence marry Wesley Williams and if so when and where. Never Married
  5. When and Where did Florence marry James (Jim) Moore?
  6. When and Where did Florence die? March 24, 1965 in Helena, Phillips, AR
  7. When and Where did James(Jim) Moore die. Helena, Phillips, AR
  8. When did Wesley move to Kansas City, MO? 1924
  9. When did Wesley marry Mamie?
  10. When did Wesley die?


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